What is the therapeutic approach at Embark?

Embark Therapy believes in a relationally psychodynamic therapeutic approach sometimes referred to as depth therapy. One belief that differentiates depth psychology from other modalities is the acknowledgment and interaction with the subconscious or the part of the mind which operates outside of the scope of one’s awareness while impacting their impulses, drives, and ultimately behavior.

In his groundbreaking book, Affective Neuroscience, Jaak Panksepp states, currently our most open psychological window to the emotional mind is introspective techniques. He continues by stating that individuals using these techniques on their own have been found to have fatal flaws, and it continues to be evident that humans often do not adequately understand the causes of their own behaviors. Most of emotional processing is done at an unconscious level.
These insights to the emotional processing of the brain advocate for a certain wonder and humility when engaging with a person’s drives and impulses that lead to symptoms or behaviors.

What decisions in your life have you come to question or regret? We all have drives and impulses which surprise us as well as those which we are yet to become aware of. How many times have you wondered why you did something counter to the values you consciously hold? One explanation is the existence of a vibrant internal world beneath the surface which is actively impacting your everyday life. At Embark Therapy we work to overcome obstacles and ingrained internal structures which shield people from the realizations which lead to healing and freedom.

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