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Relational Therapy

Adult Therapy

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Adolescent Therapy

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Family Therapy

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Relationships impact us greatly, from those those we encounter in passing to those we spend our lives with. It is apparent that we live in a relational world.

Our relationships shape who we our at our core, add value to our lives, and grow our capacity for love and connection. Like all that is intended for good, sometimes we encounter distortion from our original intention. Recognizing that which has deviated from original intention is the first step to reorienting your path toward relational wholeness.

Family therapy

In family therapy we seek to create a collaborative environment. We meet for 50 minute sessions to explore factors past & present which are leading to missed opportunities for connection. Sometimes it’s the smallest of factors, which when carefully set right, can powerfully shape the entire family system. With a compassionate ear and an orientation of humility, peace can be restored and fulfillment amplified.

Pre-marital counselling

Pre-marital counseling can be a fun and exciting way to grow together toward a loving and lasting marriage. While you work together to set the foundation for years to come you will be encouraged to look deeper into the dynamics that have been shaped during the youth of your relationship. In a compassionate and collaborative environment we will work to shape ways of relating which breed closeness over distance. Through this process you will become more acutely aware of that which fosters love and intimacy in your relationship.

Couples therapy

Couples therapy takes place in an intimate environment in which partners are encouraged to understand and explore their roles that they construct together. No two relationships are the same. Together you will work to co-create new meaning in your relationship though an environment of honest reflection, empathic listening, and carefully focused effort. While the way to a fulfilling relationship might be narrow, those that venture stand to gain the reward of mutuality, secure attachment, and living into the freedom of being your most intimately vulnerable self.

Group therapy

With group therapy you’re invited to collaborate with others in a uniquely supportive environment built on trust, integrity and respect. Through intimacy with others, we can reveal parts of ourselves that can be harder to see on our own. At Embark Therapy you can find companions to learn from and grow with on your journey within.


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