I believe therapy can feel like an adventure of self-discovery.


Symptoms such as anxiety and depression aren’t to be seen as enemies to be vanquished as quickly as possible. They can be messengers pointing us to deeper issues, bearing a warning that our outlook or relationships are in need of attention. At Embark we look inward to discover the essence of the problem. In this way symptoms can be relieved and you can start connecting with life in a way unique to you.

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Paying it forward.
Giving to others on their journey.

Will Michelson, LMFT, is highly empathic and adept at helping people work through complex problems. He is also a Licensed Psychotherapist and the Founder of Embark Therapy. Will started Embark to help people move beyond their symptoms, connect with themselves, and reconnect with the world around them. Will attended Fuller Graduate School of Psychology where he received training in clinical psychology and theology in effort to apply a spiritual lens to psychology problems. Prior to training psychodynamically at The Maple Counseling Center, Will trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and floor time while he worked as a Behavioral Therapist. Will’s primary task in this role was to help people move through developmental milestones. Studying kinesiology in college increased Will’s awareness of somatic manifestations of psychological symptoms, often referred to as the mind-body connection. Coaching athletes increased Will’s awareness of the relational impact and growth that is available to people when they feel safe, loved, and supported. These experiences shaped Will and helped him identify and live into his calling to become a therapist and help you embark on your journey within.

License Number 141872

Paying it forward. Giving to others on their journey

My passion for helping others make the most of their life began as an athletic coach. Coaching athletes helped me realize the intense modeling that takes place in a young brain and the broad impact an attuned coach can have. Following these interests I began working as a behavioral therapist where I helped young people move through developmental milestones. Ultimately I chose to attend Fuller Graduate School of Psychology where I also studied Theology in an attempt to conceptualize psychological problems through a spiritual lens.

It was through these experiences and my own growth in therapy that helped me identify and live into my calling. Through insight oriented therapy I learned the richness of my internal world and worked hard to expand that which I consciously knew about myself. Once I became able to move beyond cognitive defenses and allow my emotions to rise and find expresion a whole world of meaning, presence, and fulfillment became available to me. My internal capacity for things like friendship, love, and gratitude had expanded and a new life awaited. This growth provided me a template of how I can act to help others free themselves of emotional burdens and experience life more fully. 

License Number 141872


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